It was going to be just another quiet family dinner in a restaurant - until the mommy excused herself and headed off to the ladies' room. Soon she was followed by her sonny who just wanted to ask if she was alright... However, one look at her sitting there with her smooth pink snatch bare proved to be enough for him to change his mind and fuck her instead!
This girl will never be able to say whether it all was just a dream or not. She was sleeping in her room when her daddy walked in and started caressing her perfect fresh body. They were making love for what seemed to be an eternity - changing poses, moaning and petting each other... And then she woke up with her pussy dripping wet and a strange salty taste on her tongue...
Praise the Discovery channel - it makes our kids learn a lot of new exciting things and even try some of them! This series about sexual traditions of African tribes made this little cutie want to experience the pleasures of sex - and her daddy just couldn't say no when she asked him to help her do that! That was what ignited their secret incest love...
Looks like mommy and daddy hadn't locked the door of their bedroom on purpose. They weren't surprised at all when their daughter walked in to find them lying on the bed ready for a fuck. Soon she was followed by her older brother who was also welcomed to take his place on the bed. The whole family was present - it was the time to begin the incest orgy!
Grandma couldn't get no sleep because of the terrible sex hunger that had been torturing her for more than a year since her husband walked out on her. She decided to go check if her grandson was asleep - and bumped into him on the staircase... That was a chance none of them could miss - so they ended up fucking each other senseless right there in the hallway!
Daddy just couldn't let his girl waste her time leafing through this stupid mag... He pulled it out of her hands and gave her a long passionate kiss. A couple of seconds later she was already on top of him, kissing him back. It took him quite a while to notice that they were accompanied by his wife and son eager to turn this little game into a wild family cluster fuck!
This old guy was so taken by the morning paper that he didn't notice his little daughter come down for breakfast with hardly anything on! She had to drop his glasses a couple of times to get him closer to her wet twitching pussy - and finally all of her efforts were granted with a truly excellent fuck he gave her! The next time he won't be that absent-minded...
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